Grab Has Protected The Welfare Of 180,000 Driver And Delivery Friends

Today Grab has announced that they have managed to take care of the welfare of their 180,00 driver and delivery friends through GrabBenefits. This was achieved in collaboration with SOCSO for the Self-Employed Social Security Scheme (SKSPS).

Since last April, RM4 million has been given to 180,000 Grab friends through the SKSPS Budget 2024 Matching Contribution initiative. During 2021, Grab will only contribute RM10 million to top class Grab friends. Then with an investment of RM5.5 million in 2023, GrabInsure was introduced as a free protection insurance plan during and after work. Affordable supplemental insurance plans are also offered to receive additional coverage for the family. 1 out of 10 Grab friends have got this plan.

Next is an advance voucher to help Grab friends cover the cost of daily expenses such as petrol, groceries and vehicle maintenance. An installment payment program with no hidden charges is also provided and 1 in 4 friends have availed this benefit. According to Grab, a total of 73,000 vouchers have been given with savings of over RM200,000.

Grab Cash Financing-i, on the other hand, is a Shariah-compliant financing program that provides Grab members with daily installment payment methods or automatic rejection. The program allows their friends for home maintenance, vehicle repayments, self and family education costs, medical or financing for a small business. 1 in 4 Grab friends have joined the program and 50% of them applied more than once.

With this, Grab proves that they are a serious company in taking care of the welfare of their fellow drivers and couriers. In addition to being committed to offering financial products that are not only Shariah compliant but also transparent and have flexibility for everyone.

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