Seasonic And Noctua Team Up To Introduce Quieter PC Power Supplies

Seasonic, a brand of computer power supplies and Noctua, a brand of CPU cooling components have recently shown their first collaboration where they introduced the Seasonic Prime TX-1600 Noctua Edition power supply.

The Seasonic Prime TX power supply series is their high performance PC power supply, and together with Noctua, they have managed to reduce the noise from the fan components that dissipate heat from the power supply.

Changes to the previous Prime TX-1600 power supply can be seen from two parts, the first is the grille on the outside of the power supply, and the second is the fan used. Noctua designed a new grille that ensures that the fan blades are not parallel to any part to reduce hum from the fan.

Speaking of fans, this power supply uses a Noctua NF-A12x25 fan with a size of 120mm and rotating at a rate of 2000RPM. This is said to be smaller and slower than the fan used on the original model, but reduces noise from power supply components by 10 decibels.

Noctua also says that this power supply, which will be marketed in selected regions first in the fourth quarter of this year will come with a new 12V-2×6 cable, so users don't have to worry about cable support if users want to use this PSU. to power high-power graphics cards such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090.

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