Humane Reportedly Trying to Sell to HP

Humane is reportedly trying to sell to HP for around $1 billion a week after their AI Pin went on sale according to a New York Times report. They are also said to have only managed to sell around 10,000 AI Pins which is much lower than the sales target of 100,000 units in the first year it was launched.

Since its launch AI Pin has received various criticisms such as an unfriendly operating system, a slow AI system, only 4G support and a battery life that is too short when compared to smartphones. Its expensive selling price along with monthly subscription makes it increasingly unpopular in the market.

News of this sale comes after Humane issued a warning to buyers to stop using the charging pod due to the risk of fire. The future of AI Pin is looking bleak as Google and OpenAI demonstrate the capabilities of their much faster virtual assistants with the capabilities of more recent AI models.

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