Insta360 GO 3S Launched – Compact 4K Camera Weighs 39 grams

The Insta360 GO 3S was launched today as a compact action camera that weighs only 39 grams. This is an improvement over the GO 3 model which previously only recorded at 2.7K resolution. It can record for 38 minutes or up to 140 with the help of a charging pod.

The charging pod has a 2.2″ LCD screen that can be folded forward to facilitate self-video recording. This pod passes the IPX45 splash-proof standard while the GO 3S camera can be taken diving up to a depth of 10m as it passes the IPX8 standard. If lost, it can be tracked using the Apple Find My network.

GO3's DNA is maintained with GO 3s still the same as it has an oval design with rounded body parts. Another improvement provided is that the GO 3S can detect vertical and horizontal recording automatically. The FlowState Stabilization stabilization feature that is standard on other Insta360 cameras is also provided on this model to produce a video recording that does not have shaking.

Three accessories are included in the form of a camera stand, a clip and a necklace that allows the camera to be hung around the neck. The connection still uses magnets. Another interesting feature is gesture or voice control to start or stop video recording in addition to the physical buttons on the front.

The selling price of the Insta360 GO 3S starts from $417 (~RM1963) for the basic bundle and increases to the Ultimate Bundle which is also sold at a price of $524 (~RM2466).

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