Intel Xeon 6 Introduced With Focus For Data Processing And Artificial Intelligence

Intel Xeon processing chips are typically used for computing purposes in data centers, such as for machine learning or storage and processing of multimedia files. Recently, Intel has introduced their latest Intel Xeon 6 processing chip to allow their customers to focus on their needs.

What is unique about this latest Intel Xeon processing chip is that Intel has introduced the "P" (Granite Rapids) and "E" (Sierra Forest) cores. What is even more interesting is that it is not a combination of these two cores as in Intel Core Ultra chips for consumers, but is a chip that consists of E cores or P cores only depending on the customer of the data center.

Intel Xeon 6 Granite Rapids will come with all "P" cores and will be used for artificial intelligence, machine learning and arithmetic processing that requires high power. For Sierra Forest, this processing chip will use the "E" core for tasks that use low processing power such as for the purpose of storing and transmitting multimedia data for multimedia companies such as Netflix and so on.

Intel also says that this latest Intel Xeon 6 processing chip not only comes with greater processing power, but has more efficient power consumption as well. Each rack of server machines using Intel Xeon 6 comes with the same processing power as three racks of second-generation Intel Xeon server machines, and has a much more efficient use of electricity.

Intel Xeon Sierra Forest is already on the market with an option for CPUs with 288 E cores, while Intel Xeon Granite Rapids will be introduced around the third quarter of this year.

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