Meta Quest Tests Features Similar to Vision Pro

Meta is currently testing a feature on the Quest headset that makes its use more similar to that offered on the Apple Vision Pro. Three virtual windows can be opened inside the Quest and can then be freely arranged by the user. Previously the virtual window floating feature in mixed reality mode was supported but its position could not be changed by the user.

This feature is still in testing and it is only given to those using the Meta Quest OS v67 PTC operating system. It also needs to be activated manually if you want to try features that are still in beta. After the Vision Pro launched, Mark Zuckerberg said the Quest was a better headset because it was not only more affordable but also offered more features.

Meta has plans to offer a more powerful Quest headset to compete with the Vision Pro. But if the same features can be enjoyed on the current, more affordable Quest model, it's good news for people who can't afford the Vision Pro.

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