Moto Tag Object Tracker Launches With UWB Support and Google Find My Device

The Google Find My network has been updated to resemble Apple Find My. It now supports tracking more devices and other Android devices can also become search nodes to find other devices or objects in the same network. Among the things Android users expect is an object tracker like Apple AirTag. Motorola was among the first to introduce an AirTag competitor to the Android ecosystem.

This object tracker is named as Moto Tag. Like AirTag, it uses a UWB (Ulra Wide Band) system that can accurately track objects and can see the location using Google Find My Device. Each location data is also encrypted and only the owner or those authorized can access important data. This object tracker uses a CR2032 battery that is easy to replace. It also has IP67 protection.

The uniqueness of Moto Tag that AirTag does not have is that this object tracker can also be a remote camera shutter with any Android device. Inside it also has a speaker for it to ring when successfully tracked. Moto Tag is currently only sold in the United States and Canada for $29 (~RM136.5) per unit or a 4-unit bundle for $99 (~RM466).

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