Microsoft Expected to Reduce Dependence on OpenAI With Their Own AI Team

As you already know, most of the AI ​​technology used in Microsoft products is powered by AI technology developed by OpenAI. This is not surprising as Microsoft is seen as one of the biggest investors in the company.

Despite this, it is seen that Microsoft, like many large conglomerates in the world is seen to want to own their own technology, and because of this, has acted aggressively in building their own AI team.

The biggest appointee, and also the individual who currently heads the AI ​​team at Microsoft is Mustafa Suleyman, the founder of AI companies DeepMind and also Inflection AI. A large part of the Inflection AI team is now at Microsoft with him to develop AI models for the company.

In fact, it is not surprising if Microsoft will replace the OpenAI technology used now with their own AI models in the future, such as the CoPilot chatbot and so on. The investment made on other companies can also be seen as an investment on the company itself, where they will take advantage of whatever they can use.

The development of their own AI model is expected to take several years, but with the knowledge of the technology now available, it would not be surprising if Microsoft would quietly change the parts of CoPilot powered by OpenAI and ChatGPT, and suddenly announce a complete transition.

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