NVIDIA Holds 88% of the Graphics Card Market

We previously reported that NVIDIA holds 90% of the GPU market in the data center. But what about NVIDIA's hold on the market for discrete graphics cards used in personal computers? According to Jon Peddie Research's latest report, NVIDIA holds 88% of the graphics card market in Q1 2024.

Second place is held by AMD with 12% while Intel is not visible at all in the above graphic. Compared to the same quarter last year, the production of discrete graphics cards increased by 39.2% driven by the demand to use AI features rather than to be used for gaming. A total of 8.7 Million graphics card units were sold in Q1 2024.

NVIDIA introduced some software that allows owners to run some AI models directly on the device. A good GPU is needed to generate images or run chatbots that do not require an internet connection. Because of this high demand, graphics card prices are still as expensive as they were in the heyday of crypto mining a few years ago.

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