Realme Is Developing 300W Charging

Last year Realme GT3 was launched with 240W super fast charging. In our review, the 4600 battery of this smartphone can be recharged in less than 10 minutes. Surely many people feel that this speed is enough, but at Realme they are currently testing 300W charging.

This was revealed by Francis Wong, Realme Global Head of Marketing in a video published by The Tech Chap yesterday. It is not yet known whether this 300W technology will be offered to the public or just a prototype. Based on our experience fast charging causes the device to heat up quite quickly. This has an impact on the battery as well as internal components.

But this is interesting because maybe in the future the phone's battery can be fully charged in five minutes. If you forget to charge the device before going to bed, the battery will be able to be recharged in the time it takes to shower in the morning.

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