OpenAI Doesn't Pay Apple Instead Will Do Revenue Sharing

At WWDC, Apple announced the integration of OpenAI on Siri when needing more detailed information. ChatGPT's ability to display more accurate information after paying licenses from News Corp, The Atlantic and VOX will ensure that the issues that plague Google's AI Overview will not occur.

Many are wondering what is the payment received by OpenAI through collaboration with Apple? Today a report appeared on Bloomberg that said OpenAI was not paid directly by Apple to access the ChatGPT API. On the other hand, OpenAI will receive a free promotion to millions of Apple users to demonstrate the capabilities of their AI technology.

Apple device users will then be more interested in subscribing to services such as ChatGPT+. Revenue sharing will be done between the two companies with Apple receiving a portion of the monthly subscriptions charged.

A similar strategy is carried out between Microsoft and OpenAI where the latest AI models are offered through CoPilot. The difference is that Microsoft is enjoying all this only after making a huge investment into OpenAI.

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