Physical Music Player With WinAmp Interface Now A Reality

For the majority of people who are now over 35 years old, WinAmp is the gateway to the world of enjoying MP3 audio when they are still young, their waist is still strong, their knees are still tight and their stomach is still flat like an airplane runway. The world has changed and now not many people still keep MP3 files on their computers. But for those who still yearn for the world of his youth, there is now LinAmp – a physical music player with a WinAmp interface.

LinAmp is a Raspberry Pie based music player with an LDC touchscreen on the front. It makes full use of WinAmp's default interface to control music with it being developed by Rodrigo MΓ©ndez. The front of the LinAmp is manufactured using 3D printing while the internal components consist of a Raspberry Pi 4 computer with 32 GB SD storage and running the Dietpi operating system.

The 7.9” LCD touch screen on the front can be used just like WinAmp is used on a PC. Currently it can play various audio formats such as mp3, m4a, and FLAC. There is also support for playing compact discs and also through a personal file browser.

Support for bluetooth and Spotify is being developed for the next version. Unfortunately LinAmp is a personal project and not a commercial product. If you want to make it yourself at home, the LinAmp project can be followed through the link below.

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