Picsart Will Use Getty Images To Train Its Own AI Model

Getty Images strongly dislikes developers using images on their platform to train AI models. Due to this, Stable Diffusion was previously sued and users were not allowed to upload and sell AI generated images. Despite this, Getty Images also does not want to be left behind with this technology by having partnered with NVIDIA for image generation features. Most recently, Picsart, an editing service funded by Softbank, will work with Getty Images to develop its own AI model.

This model will be developed by PAIR which is Picsart's AI lab and they will use all licensed Getty Images images. This model will be accessible through their API service. By using resources from Getty, Picsart wants to offer their users a secure image generation feature free from copyright issues. Each image generated is also licensed by Getty for commercial use.

With this new model, Picsart wants to expand their editing application to the next level. Last year their application was already added with a generative AI feature to remove photos of ex-lovers. The new update will also add access to Getty Images videos and various other AI features specifically for their Plus plan users.

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