Samsung Bespoke Jet Boat Combo Steam Sold In Malaysia For RM 8,299

Samsung officially introduced the new Bespoke Jet Bot Combo Steam vacuum cleaner in Malaysia. This product is well designed with various attractive functions to ensure a thorough cleaning experience. Also followed is a matching size and weight that pleases the user when the device is used.

In terms of functionality, this vacuum cleaner offers a variety of effective cleaning processes that include automatic drying using hot steam to prevent musty odors. Next, the provided motor is capable of producing 210W extreme suction power for deep cleaning up to 99.999% of dirt that can be filtered. There are also two water tanks loaded with a size of 4 liters to store cleaning liquid, then a smaller 3.6 liter for storage of dirty liquid.

With the AI ​​Floor Detect function, this vacuum robot detects the type of floor and then automatically offers the appropriate suction power. At the same time can seal the surface of the carpet for a smoother experience. The included battery can last up to 300 minutes on a single charge.

Bespoke Jet Boat Combo Steam is sold at a price of RM8,299 apiece. It can however be owned at a promotional price as low as RM5,499 during the pre-order session that lasts until June 24, 2024. Availability is through authorized Samsung dealers throughout Malaysia.

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