Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra And Galaxy Buds3 Pro Also Leaked

Today, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 have been fully leaked revealing a boxy design. In addition, three other products that are expected to be launched on July 10 have also been leaked, namely the Galaxy Watch Ultra, Galaxy Buds3 Pro and Galaxy Buds3.

The leaked design of the Watch Ultra is similar to the previous mockup images which clearly shows Samsung taking the Apple Watch Ultra as inspiration. The watch strap is now seen using its own connection and this leaked image hints that this watch is of the durable variety. The leaked Galaxy Watch7 still looks more or less the same as the Watch6, perhaps the software will make the difference the most.

For the Galaxy Buds3 Pro and Galaxy Buds, for the first time Samsung uses a stem design after a long time of only using the ear bud design. Although the design looks similar to AirPods Pro, the stem is more square and looks sexier. The choice of dark colors shows a more elegant design.

Let's all look forward to more information such as full specifications and interesting features that will be offered on each of these products. As a Galaxy Watch6 user, I can't wait to see what's special about this Watch Ultra.

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