Samsung Shortcut Sneakers Produced – Can Control Galaxy Devices

Samsung this year will be getting more serious in the arena of wearable devices. Not only will the Galaxy Ring be launched soon, Samsung's wearable device will also be integrated with Galaxy AI features. Most recently, Samsung Nederland has come up with Shortcut Sneakers that can control Galaxy devices.

Samsung collaborated with Cheil Benelux, Elitac Wearables, Brut Amsterdam, and renowned shoe designer Roel van Hoff for Shortcut Sneakers. These shoes can control the Galaxy device according to the movement of the foot with a motion sensor built into the sole. Five different movements can be set such as Moonwalk will make a phone call, dance will play music and more.

Samsung Shortcut Sneakers unfortunately not for sale. It is designed and developed specifically for Samsung Members in the Netherlands. Only six lucky members will receive it in a special competition through the Samsung Members application. Hopefully Samsung Malaysia will offer an exclusive competition like this.

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