Windows 11 Will Let Users Choose Which Apps Can Use AI

Windows 11 has been updated with full generative AI feature support on laptops and PC AI computers as well as Copilot+. Among the interesting features is Recall where it remembers all the user's activities such as file position, picture content and pages browsed.

As this feature has a serious security vulnerability, it is not enabled by default. Even recently there was information revealing that Windows 11 will allow users to choose applications that can use generative artificial intelligence (AI) features.

This setting is seen to be under Privacy & Security which now has a new category which is Generative AI. In it there are two options, the first is Generative AI access and the second is Let apps use generative AI. With this feature, users are free to choose applications that can use this new technology. Not only that, based on the code found Windows 11 will also ask for user permission if an application wants to use generative artificial intelligence.

This new feature will also be available on Windows 11 enterprise devices as administrators are allowed to turn off generative artificial intelligence features so that employees using Windows devices cannot use them. At the moment it is still uncertain when this feature will be rolled out to all users. What is certain is that it is limited to laptops or computers with Snapdragon X series chips first because they are the only ones that can use Windows' generative AI feature.

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