Samsung Stops Supporting Tizen Watches On September 30, 2025

Samsung replaced the use of the Tizen OS system on their Galaxy Watch in 2021 and moved to Wer OS. After three years, Samsung has now confirmed that Tizen OS watches will no longer be supported by them starting September 30, 2025.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

But starting May 31, 2025, users will no longer be able to download any new apps on the watch through the Galaxy Store. After September 30, 2025, downloading and updating the application will not be possible. The watch can still work but without any software support from Samsung and apps.

The Tizen watches that will be affected by Samsung's end of support are as below. All Wear OS watches starting with the Galaxy Watch4 will still be supported at this point.

All Galaxy Gear models

Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch Active

Galaxy Watch Active 2

Galaxy Watch 3

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