ASUS MuseTree And StoryCube Are Generative AI Apps That Can Be Used With CapCut

ASUS has today launched several of their AI PC laptops that are generated with the Snapdragon X chip series and also the AMD Ryzen AI 300 series. Zenboook S 16, ROG Zephyrus G16, TUF Gaming A14/A16, ProArt P16, ProArt PX13 and also ProArt PZ13. Each of these laptops already supports Copilot+ and the Recall feature, but specifically for the ProArt laptop, ASUS offers two of their own generative AI features.

First is MuseTree which is a generative AI service that generates images. It's just that this version of ASUS is developed specifically for creative users or those who work in the field of product design. This is because MuseTree can help users generate mock-up images by combining building material ideas together with product ideas to provide inspiration before developing a prototype.

Second is StoryCube which is a smart album application. Imagine Google Photos injected with steroids. It can organize every photo and video by device source such as what camera it was shot with, by timeline, by location and users can also search for content with a simple keyword search. Not only that, StoryCube can also edit photos like the Lightroom application and allow users to rename files simultaneously. If you are worried that your personal photos and videos are stored by ASUS, don't worry because each file will only be stored in the user's device and will not be sent to any server.

Both MuseTree and StoryCube use AI processing from within the device that does not require an Internet connection. ASUS also collaborated with CapCut for the ASUS Dial & Control Panel feature to be used in this AI editing application. Every AI feature in CapCut can also now be used in the process offline. These three brand new MuseTree, StoryCube and CapCut are exclusive to ProArt AI PC laptops only. Those who will purchase any ProArt laptop are also eligible to receive a 6-month CapCut Pro subscription for free.

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