ASUS ProArt P16, PX13 And PZ13 Launched As AI Laptops For Content Creators

ASUS also launched their new ProArt series laptops complete with generative AI technology today. It is a laptop specifically for professional users in creative fields such as photo or video editing. There are three laptops namely ASUS ProArt P16, ProArt PX13 and ProArt PZ13.

Each laptop comes with its own AI feature by ASUS which is StoryCube as an album that can intelligently manage photos and videos. Then there's MuseTree which is an image generator to help artists find inspiration or engineers create product mock-up images. All these features are processed from within the device and since it runs Windows 11, the Copilot key for Copilot+ is also included.

ProArt P16

This laptop uses a 16-inch ASUS Lumunia OLED screen with a thin bezel with 4K resolution and weighs 1.85 kg. It is also powered by an AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 chip option, paired with an NVIDIA GeFroce RTX 4070 GPU with the ability to process AI at a rate of 321 TOPS. This new GPU also features RTX AI to help speed up work related to editing, productivity and gaming.

This laptop also provides access to NVIDIA AI software such as NVIDIA Broadcast, RTX Video and ChatRTX. At the time of launch, ASUS did not disclose the full specifications of the ProArt P16 as it may change according to different markets.

ProArt PX13

ASUS also wants to compete in the compact laptop market because the ProArt PX13 is a small-sized high-powered AI laptop with a 13-inch Lumina OLED screen with thin bezels and a 360-degree hinge for use in many different modes. Chip options are the same as the ProArt P16 which is the AMD Ryzen AI 300 series.

ProArt PX13 is also a recognized NVIDIA Studio laptop with RTX 4070 powerful up to 300 TOPS. It also supports WiFi 7 connectivity, dual USB-C USB4 40Gbps ports, an HDMI 2.1 FRL port, and an SD card reader. The weight of this laptop is 1.38 kg with a simple design and very suitable for professional users.

ProArt PZ13

This third model is the last for the ProArt AI series. This laptop is a tablet hybrid like Microsoft Surface by using a removable magnetic keyboard and legs through magnetic accessories. This laptop is designed to be smaller and more compact than the PX13 with a device weight of only 0.85 kg. It also has IP52 protection.

The screen is the same as the PX13 which is a 13-inch Lumina OLED with an optional Snapdragon X series chip for better Copilot+ PC support. The SD card slot is also retained for the convenience of content creators and professional users. The details of this laptop will also be revealed in the near future.

All of these ProArt series promises the best AI power for various tasks especially photo and video editing works. To that end, ASUS has partnered with CapCut and Adobe to provide 6 months of free CapCut Pro subscription and 3 months of free Creative Cloud subscription.

The selling price of each new ProArt laptop is;

ProArt P16 – $1,899, starting around RM8,938.

ProArt PX13 – $1,699, starting around RM7,996.

ProArt PZ13 – To be announced later

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