Singapore Firm Losses RM 3.2 Million After Fired Staff Deletes Server

Singapore firm NCS lost SGD 918,000 (~RM 3.2 million) after a fired employee deleted a virtual browser used to test software before launch. Kandula Nagaraju (39) who deleted the NCS virtual browser has been sentenced to 32 months in prison for committing cyber crimes.

He was fired by NCS in October last year for allegedly not meeting the performance targets set by the employer. Angered by the actions taken by the NCS, he returned to India after failing to find a new job in Singapore. While in India, Nagaraju used a personal laptop and found he could still access the NCS network using an administrator account.

In February this year he returned to Singapore after getting a new job. In March he again accessed the NCS system and placed a program script that caused all 180 virtual browsers to be deleted. The NCS only became aware of the deleted browser after it was no longer accessible. Investigations by the police managed to trace Nagaraju's IP and after his arrest the script of the same program was found in his personal laptop.

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