The Government Is Developing A WhatsApp Chatbot To Tackle Digital Defamation - Fahmi Fadzil

In an effort to deal with fake news and digital slander on online platforms, the Malaysian government through the Ministry of Communications is in the final phase of developing a chatbot that can be used to curb the spread of fake news and digital slander.

This chatbot, which can be used through the messaging application WhatsApp will come with support for several languages, including Bahasa Malaysia and English, and will come with support for other languages ​​later.

The Bernama report does not say how this chatbot will work to help curb the issue of fake news and defamation, but it also says that this chatbot will use "AI" technology to help in providing certainty to the news shared.

Fahmi Fadzil is also expected to hold a discussion with Meta regarding the implementation of this chatbot on the messaging platform later. For now, it is also unknown when this feature will be introduced to the public.

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