visionOS 2 Announced With High-Resolution Giant Virtual Screen Features and New Gestures

In addition to iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia, visionOS 2 was also announced with several new features that will make this spatial computing set even easier for owners to use. The first feature announced is the ability to turn any image into a spatial version. Through machine learning, old pictures recorded in 2D will be converted into 3D and viewed specifically through Vision Pro.

The new gesture introduced also speeds up access to the Home View and Control Center. In addition, the process of seeing the battery power level and changing the audio level can also be controlled by rotating the hand in the air.

For those who use Vision Pro to do work, the Mac Virtual Display feature supports higher resolutions with an ultra-wide virtual screen equivalent to two 4K monitors side by side. Better mouse support and the ability to see the Magic Keyboard in a fully virtual world is also provided for the first time.

In addition, other interesting updates are watching five screens of Apple TV content simultaneously for sporting events for a more comprehensive experience, Travel Mode in trains, support for viewing Vision Pro content on iPhone via AirPlay and watching YouTube or Netflix in Environment mode via Safari also given. visionOS 2 can now be tested by developers with a public update to be done by the end of 2024.

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