AirPods Pro users will soon be able to control Siri with just a head movement

It's not just software that gets attention from Apple at WWDC this morning. To owners of the AirPods family, several improvements have been announced that will give Apple users more reasons to stay in the existing ecosystem. The first announcement is that owners can interact with Siri using head movements through the Siri Interactions feature.

Continuing this authentication feature to Siri, AirPods Pro owners can nod or shake their head left or right. This head control can be used when in the cloud area and the owner does not want to give loud voice commands. In addition, rejecting phone calls and managing notifications can also now be done without voice commands.

Voice Isolation is a premium feature for AirPods Pro where the voice can be better isolated from the background when the microphone is in a noisy environment. This feature can be used when AirPods Bro is tethered to Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It will be supported on AirPods Pro (Gen 2) only at this point.

Finally, Personalized Spatial Audio allows spatial audio in video games to be enjoyed through AirPods (Gen 3), AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. All these features can be tested by developers in the Beta stage with the final version being offered to the public next fall.

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