tvOS 18 Announced – These 5 Most Interesting Features

Are you an Apple TV owner? If yes Apple did not forget their set of compact TV boxes at WWDC. Some of the improvements announced borrow some features that were previously only offered through Prime Video for example. Here's a list of the 10 most exciting things announced for tvOS 18.


InSight is a feature similar to X-Ray on Prime Video. Through it information about the actor on the screen, the name of the character played and also information about the background music played will be able to be displayed on the screen. Actor biographies and other watchable movie lists can be displayed. Music can be played directly on Apple Music through InSight. With this feature the situation makes you wonder "where have I seen this actor before?" done by simply pressing the top button in the Apple TV.

Enhance Dialogue

Another feature inspired by Prime Video is Enhance Dialogue on Apple TV 4K. With machine learning, vocal audio in content on Apple TV will be heard more clearly even with other noisy background audio. This feature can be enjoyed through HomePod or speakers connected to the TV. It will also be available on iPhone and iPad apps.

Smarter Subtitles

Subtitles are now smarter. It will automatically appear according to the user's preferred language when the audio is muted. It will also be displayed automatically when the audio playing in the content is not the same as the default language set on tvOS 18. Subtitles are also displayed when searching for a specific chapter in the content being watched.

More Screensaver Images

When the Apple TV is not in use, a screensaver background image will appear to prevent burn-in on the OLED TV. Starting with tvOS 18, screen protector options are now added with moving images taken from Apple TV+ content such as Foundation and Snoopy. Apple TV owners can also display photos from Photos complete with a portrait effect that contrasts the front image with interface elements such as the time

21:9 Projector Support

Finally tvOS 18 supports 21:9 wide angle projectors natively. No more black bars above and below when displaying at this cinematic ratio.

All of the features announced this morning can be tested by developers at the Beta stage. The final version of tvOS 18 will be available to all users next fall.

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