YouTube Is Developing QR Codes For Content Creators To Share On Their Channels

Many YouTube content creators now have to be active on other platforms to ensure their content reaches many people. The problem here is that followers who are already loyal on one platform like TikTok find it difficult to switch back to YouTube. In the future, YouTube will give QR codes to selected content creators to share their channels with QR codes.

This QR code will be integrated on the username, for example "@thecekodok" on the homepage of the YouTube channel. When pressed, selected channels can select Share and QR code to share this code everywhere. Users who subscribe to the selected channel can also press the three-dot menu, select Share and the QR code can also be accessed.

YouTube is also testing a feature to summarize comments while live broadcasts are being held. This feature will collect various user comments and filter according to the appropriate and indecent formulated. It is limited to users who are actively commenting and reacting in any live session on YouTube in English. All of these new features are still in testing for select users and channel owners, so it's not certain when they'll roll out to everyone.

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