YouTube Tightens Content Guidelines Regarding Firearms

YouTube has updated their guidelines regarding content containing firearms today. The first change is that content containing firearms will be restricted to users aged 18 and over only.

For content creators, tutorials for modifying firearms that break the law are also now banned. An example is how to turn a semi-auto weapon into a fully automatic one. Tutorials to install accessories that violate the law are also now banned, such as making sound deadening devices using items at home.

Channels that violate these guidelines will be given a warning in advance and the video deleted. If the same offense is repeated within 90 days of the warning, the channel will be given a strike. If the strike is not accepted, the channel will be deleted directly by YouTube.

The change in YouTube's guidelines comes about a month after Meta, Activision and a gun manufacturer were sued by the parents of the victims of the Uvalde Texas school shooting. Meta allegedly did not put a barrier to gun advertising on Instagram. Meanwhile, gun companies are being sued for advertising their products to underage users on Meta. Activision is accused of marketing weapons to minors through the Call of Duty series.

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