The Average Temperature Last May Was The Highest Since Records Were Taken

Did you feel that last May was very hot? If so it is not just an anecdotal opinion because the Copernicus Climate Change Service confirmed that May this year recorded the highest temperature ever recorded since records were taken. On average, the temperature last month was 1.52°C higher than the average temperature in May before the start of the industrial age (1850-1900).

it is also 0.65°C above the non-May average temperature of 1991-2020. Even more troubling is that the new record for Earth's average monthly temperature has now been successfully broken 11 times in a row. Some readers may say that the increase is only 1.52°C and there is nothing to worry about. The fact is that this is a global average increase.

Last month temperatures in Southeast Asia were the highest ever recorded with deaths reported in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam due to heat stroke. A high-profile case went viral on social media just two weeks ago when a student is now disabled after being exposed to the sun by a teacher.

Some say that the current generation is lax but the reality is that the temperature outside now is not the same as when you were still in school. Climate change is happening before our eyes and the introduction of cheaper EV road tax is not an effective long-term solution to prevent it from happening.

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