IDC – PC Production In Q2 2024 Up 3%

Global personal computer production grew by 3% in Q2 2024 driven by demand for AI-enabled PCs according to the latest IDC report. Lenovo was the manufacturer with the largest market share this quarter with 22.7% followed by HP (21.1%), Dell (15.5%), Apple (8.8%) and Acer (6.8%).

Apple recorded an increase of 20.8% which was the highest compared to the same quarter of 2023 followed by Acer which recorded an increase of 13.7%. Only Dell posted a 2.4% production decline. This is good news for PC manufacturers who are enjoying two positive post-pandemic quarters. This is in line with the purchase cycle of new PCs bought during the pandemic. The introduction of new PCs with AI chips is expected to drive manufacturers' growth in Q3 2024.

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