Lab Mice With 100% Human Immune System Successfully Produced

As we often report on thecekodok, some new treatments for diseases such as cancer have been successfully tested on laboratory mice. Then clinical trials on humans are done to see its effectiveness. This is because the immune system and biome of mice are different from humans. But scientists from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio announced the success of producing laboratory mice with immune systems and gut biomes that are 100% identical to humans.

The TruHuX mice had their immune systems changed to be the same as humans through stem cell and hormone treatment. After a few weeks, TruHuX had lymph nodes, germinal centers, thymus human epithelial cells, human T and B lymphocytes, memory B lymphocytes and plasma cells resembling humans.

With this TruHuX can be a more accurate human analogue in laboratory tests. It has already been used to conduct long-term studies of Covid-19 on the human body. In the future it could be used to develop vaccines, produce disease treatments and test the effects of newly produced drugs.

Scientists have been producing genetically modified mice to resemble humans since the 1980s and used to conduct HIV research but have a short lifespan. But mice with 100% human immune systems have not been successfully produced until now.

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