Intel Xe2 “Battlemage” Graphics Processing Chip Built Using TSMC's 4nm Process

Last month we reported that Intel's latest series of laptop processor chips, the Intel Lunar Lake was built using the N3B process by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

This is also seen for the Intel Xe2 graphics processing chip that powers the graphics part of the processing chip and also the Intel Battlemage graphics card that will be launched later. Recent reports say that this Intel Xe2 graphics chip will be developed using TSMC's N4 (4nm) process.

This is nothing new for Intel graphics components, as starting from Intel Arc Alchemist, or Intel Xe, they were built using the previous N6 (6nm) build process, and Intel seems to continue to use TSMC for now, probably because of their own 4nm process is being used for the purpose of building their latest Intel Xeon enterprise class processing chips.

As said before, Intel is expected to show the Battlemage graphics card around the beginning of next year.

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