Maybank2U MY App No Longer Offered For Download – New Users Are Asked To Use MAE

Maybank has now begun to end the offering of the Maybank2U application to new users. Through our review, the app is no longer offered to new users in the Apple App Store, but has not yet been completely removed from the listing in the Google Play Store.

For new users, you are requested to use MAE instead for this Maybank2U MY. It offers comprehensive banking functionality, including support for up to five banking accounts on the same application. Maybank also emphasized that existing users who use Maybank2U MY can continue to use it until some time in the future.

This step is seen as a preparation to fully switch to the MAE application after this.

For information, previously CIMB has also done the same thing, by ending the offer of CIMB Clicks through the application store, and focusing on the CIMB OCTO application.

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