Nothing Wants Anyone To Remove Accessories And Back Panel CMF Phone 1

Nothing has recently shared the complete technical specifications of the back panel of the CMF Phone 1 and also the measurements of each screw used. Not only that, the STL file ready for 3D printing of the back panel of this device is also given to the public. They would like anyone to produce the CMF Phone 1 accessories and back panel and community members to have a chance to see the design of this idea become a reality.

Among the ideas shown are an extra grip like a professional camera, a textured back panel, accessories for camera lenses and wallets. One of the members of the Nothing community has also shared the design of a transparent back panel that can be used as a place to display Pokemon cards. For now CMF Phone 1 only has a few official accessories which are four colors of the back panel, lanyard, card holder and even a stick.

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