7 Tips to Save HP Battery During Floods


Heavy rains can cause flooding. Sometimes this condition interferes with the flow of electricity, so you should be wise to conserve cell phone (HP) batteries.
Because cell phones are so important to keep each other informed, especially if you have to move. Now we give 7 tips to save HP battery when flooded.

1. Turn on Power Saving Mode

To save HP battery when flooded, immediately activate the power saving mode. There is a choice of medium or optimal, just choose according to your needs.

Keeping the battery life of the cell phone as long as possible, will be very useful if we are in a state of uncertainty whether we can charge the cell phone or not.

2. Turn off unnecessary applications

At times like this, make sure the battery power is used to open only important applications, such as WhatsApp to communicate, to monitor news, Twitter to monitor the latest news from BMKG, police, BNPB etc.

Don’t waste battery on unnecessary apps, especially games. When a cell phone is used to play games, the battery will run out.

3. Turn off Vibration

To make your smartphone vibrate when you get a notification, it requires a lot of battery power. This is because your device has to move a special motor to make the smartphone vibrate. Therefore, it is highly recommended to turn off the vibration if you want to save battery.

4. Use Dark Wallpaper

If your smartphone uses an AMOLED screen, using dark or black wallpaper can make your smartphone last longer. Because, AMOLED screens need the least power to activate.

If you’re using a Samsung smartphone with One UI, you can even activate Night mode which turns all systems on your smartphone black.

5. Turn off Notifications and Auto-Sync

The automatic sync feature can drain your battery and data. To disable the automatic sync feature, you can go to the Settings menu, then Accounts. After that, click the Auto -sync data toggle until it turns gray and inactive.

Also, if you want to be more extreme, activate Do Not Disturb mode to stop notifications from entering your smartphone.

6. Turn off the 'location' setting

Location services use GPS to track your location. You can use it if you really don’t know your direction or position, but if you don’t need it, just turn it off to save battery.

Another way you can use is to reduce app push notifications on cell phones or emails that use cell phone power.

7. Airplane mode

Switching to airplane mode doesn’t mean you can use it when traveling by airplane, but also to save battery.

You will not be able to receive messages or calls and connect to the internet but will only be able to use your cell phone for what you want.

Don’t forget to be careful and vigilant wherever you are.
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