Do you want to shop online, preferably through social media or the marketplace?


Shopping online was indeed the best choice of people during the current COVID-19 epidemic. Because in addition to being easier, online shopping is also useful to avoid the crowds that cause the spread of viruses.
There are many platforms that people can use to shop online. Ranging from social media to various marketplaces. In fact, the marketplace is more encouraged to be an online shopping place than social media.

The marketplace platform is equipped with a system designed to help make buying and selling transactions easier and more comfortable.

From the aspects of payment, logistics, to customer service, everything has been neatly arranged by the system. For example, in Lazada, it is the first technology company to implement a shared account system to improve the convenience of people when doing online shopping transactions.

Berkut are some safe tips to shop online safely.

1. Choose a Trusted marketplace

A trusted marketplace is a key point when shopping online. Because these sites are usually equipped with methods of protection that are guaranteed safe. The easiest way to check it is through reviews and testimonials from others.

2. Read the Product Description carefully

Every seller in the market must provide a description of the product they are selling. Make sure you have read it first before putting it in the basket, let alone making the payment right away. This is so that the product fits what you want to buy.

3. Check Product Reviews from Other Buyers

In the marketplace, you can see reviews and testimonials of items to be purchased from previous buyers. This can convince you or find another store to find the item to buy. Therefore, after buying something from the marketplace, it is better that you write a review as it will be useful for other potential buyers.

4. Check Store Location and Shipping Company Options

The Marketplace offers more sellers for one product that you will buy because it has a wider reach. You also have a complete delivery service, from cargo to express delivery. Some markets can track shipments from the app.

5. Try not to make payments outside the platform

Because the market usually offers convenience in transactions because everything is regulated by the system and is actually safer for buyers and sellers. There are many mode options with banking partners, and for sellers, there is no need to check the balance manually.

In a marketplace system, usually a new transaction will be processed when the payment is authorized by the platform with the system. So this will avoid the threat of fraud from naughty buyers and sellers.

In addition, the marketplace also definitely has a customer service team that can help the settlement process in case there are obstacles from buyers or sellers. So there is no need to deal with complaints one by one and there is no need to be afraid, for example, if the seller runs away after the transaction is completed. The few steps above can make it easier, safer, and more convenient for people to shop online.
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