HP Affected By Floods, Here's What You Should Do


A flooded HP is definitely a problem. To prevent further damage, there are a few things you can do to save a cell phone that is exposed to water or even submerged in water.
Note, when the mobile phone is exposed to water, do not wait long and save the device immediately. Do not let your HP be exposed to water for too long. Here's how to save a flood -hit cell phone:

1. Do not turn it on immediately

Cell phones are used to stay in touch with many people. However, if your cell phone is wet with water, don’t immediately think about it.

Things that can happen when you turn on a wet cell phone are prone to short circuits. Further, it is possible that the cell phone is in an energized state, when it happens, immediately pick up and turn off the cell phone.

2. How to dry HP is prohibited

Drying under the scorching sun is often predicted to be the best method for drying water -exposed cell phones. The same goes for using a hair dryer. Although both of these methods can increase the risk of damage to important HP components.

Do not shake too, fear of water getting into the hardware, which makes the functionality of the mobile phone increasingly threatened.

3. Recommended way to dry HP

Soaking in rice is said to be the most effective way. But aside from rice, using silica gel can also dry out flooded cell phones. The trick is to put HP on silica gel and leave it for 2-3 days.

In addition, a USB vacuum cleaner can also be used to remove water from mobile phones.

4. Save LCD and battery

Both of these components are very sensitive to the presence of water. Dry the battery until completely dry and clean the LCD.

However, if you’re not sure you can do it well, trusting your cell phone to be serviced at an official place can be the best solution.
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