Tips to take Mountain Photos to Look Great

Natural scenery can be captured through photos. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people love nature photography and photograph many sea and mountain views.

Usually people will choose a wide lens to get a wide effect from their photos, thus making landscape photos more dramatic, presenting visuals that are different from what we see. Perspective photos taken with a wide lens are more dimensional, and it’s no wonder that many people love landscape photos.

But it’s not just wide -angle lenses that provide a different perspective. On the other hand, we know it is a telephoto lens that also has the ability to compress perspective, which means that the scale between the near and the far looks the same, and the effect looks flat (without dimensions).

Indeed, telephoto lenses are more widely used for certain types of photography such as portrait or sports photography, because they are looking for bokeh or because they are looking for lens range. But there is nothing wrong with using a telephoto lens for landscape photo purposes, if we want to give it a different perspective than what our eyes normally see (or a 50mm lens).

The nature of the telephoto lens will indeed provide a more compact, flatter perspective and magnify distant subjects such as mountains. We desperately needed to find the right location and at the right time as well.

Therefore, taking pictures with a telephoto lens can give different results in terms of perspective and scale, so that our photos will look more unique and not the same as other people’s photos.

It is not easy to use a telephoto lens in landscape photos as it takes up a large area and our distance is quite far. So the air conditions are suitable, clean from atmospheric haze or fog. So, good luck shooting with a telephoto lens for the scenery ..
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