Easy Ways to Create and Use Google Docs Features

Have you heard of Google Docs yet? Is this your first time hearing the term and wondering for what it can actually be used?

Well, for those who are currently in school let alone in college, knowing how and the benefits of using Google Docs is very important.

The facilities provided by the Google giant have many benefits, especially for completing various tasks that need to be done in a team. Especially during the current epidemic, which confuses people who go to school and get group assignments. You don't have to worry anymore because you will learn the functions and features of Google Docs, as well as how to use them.

For those of you who already know and often use Microsoft Word, Google Docs actually works and how to use it is not much different from Microsoft features. The difference between the two lies in the way they are used and also the functions they provide.

If Microsoft Word can only be used on one device and if for example your friend wants to edit a file, you have to transfer it to another device first, right?

Well, Google Docs is online and you don’t have to transfer files from one device to another. You only need to open access from the Google Docs file page you have created and only share the link with others who want to access it. Not only for writing and processing words, but also Google Docs provides various other features that can simplify your work.

Google Docs also has other features, such as Sheets, Slides, Pictures, and Shapes. You can also create powerpoints with other friends using only the Google Slides feature. In addition, for those who love Excel features, Google Sheets itself is an online form of Microsoft Excel.

The way this feature works is the same, you just need to share a file link and you and your teammates can get the job done together at the same time. You can create, edit, and access whenever and wherever you want.

You already have email with the Gmail domain, right? If not, you'll need to create an email before you can use Google Docs features. If you want to access via smartphone, you can download the app first via Playstore or Appstore.

If using a laptop or computing device, you can go directly to the docs.google.com page or even through the top right corner of the Google search page and click on the section that says Documents with the blue logo.

To start writing, You can start with a blank page and write what needs to be done. On the Google Docs page, you'll see a variety of buttons that aren't actually much different from Microsoft Words.

If you want to collaborate with others, simply press the share button in the upper right corner. You can arrange to either invite via email or open access directly by simply sharing a link. After that, you just click done and Google Docs can be used.

Very easy, isn't it? Come on in, take advantage of Google Docs to get the job done.
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