This Athlete Reveals An Interesting 'Secret' Behind The Scenes Of The Tokyo Olympics


Cody Melphy was an American rugby athlete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He was one of the athletes who often leaked the atmosphere behind the Tokyo Olympics

Cody Melphy is an American rugby athlete who took part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He is one of the athletes who often divulges the atmosphere behind the scenes of the Tokyo Olympics, especially in the athlete’s village, via Instagram social media.

The residences of athletes during the Olympics are in these buildings. They are separated by country and can be marked with their respective flags displayed on the outside.

The beds in the athlete’s village are made of cardboard, but according to Cody, they’re strong enough. While the jump is not broken.

The location of the athlete’s village presents a pretty impressive view from a window like this.

Athletes can eat as much as they want in the canteen which is available with a variety of menu options, from pizza, pasta, vegetarian, local food and more.

Cody shows the menu of the food he eats. Looks delicious and varied.

Laundry services are also provided so that the focus of the athletes is only competing.

Another fun thing in the Olympic village is the free soda at the vending machine with only a special card provided.

Athletes are escorted to the competition location by special buses and strictly inspected to ensure the safety of the venue.

There is also transportation of advanced athletes with autonomous vehicles, as they can walk on their own.

There is an information bulletin board about the situation in the Olympic village. While the rooms of each country are decorated with decorations according to the country.

For leisure, games like table tennis and video games are available.

There are arcade game machines and even televisions to watch live broadcasts.
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