World Cat Day, Here Are 5 Unique Scientific Facts About The Meow


World Cat Day (International Cat Day) is a day to celebrate the friendship between humans and cats that is celebrated almost around the world on August 8 every year.
Cats are animals that are often kept as pets and loved by many people. For cat lovers, you should know the following unique scientific facts about meow, which are quoted from various sources.

1. A sharp cat's tongue

The surface of the cat’s tongue is covered by a variety of small and pointed bruises. These lumps are bent and cone -shaped like bundles or saws which are very useful for cleaning the skin. While the cat is drinking, not a drop of liquid falls from its tongue. The cat's tongue is also the most advanced cleaning tool. Its rough surface can remove dead hair and clean the remnants of hair on its body.

2. Can jump six times his body length

Cats are also good at physical activity. In a healthy cat, they can jump six times its body length. For example, a 60 cm long cat can jump as high as 360 cm.

3. Can marry even if sterile

Cats that have been excreted or slaughtered can still channel their lust and mate. Citing VCA Hospitals, although 90% of cats ’appetite subsides after undergoing the spraying process, sterile cats can still be found.

4. The penis of a thorny tomcat

All animals from the Filidae (cats) family, be it pet cats, lions, leopards, bobcats, etc., have penises that will grow thorns when they mate. When a male cat's penis enters a female cat's genitals, the male cat's penis will develop a spine that is sharp enough for the female to ovulate properly so that fertilization can take place smoothly.

5. The mustache serves as a distance sensor

Never cut a cat's whiskers! These animals need it to be able to move well, especially during the day. A cat’s whiskers are at least the width of its body and are used as a sensor to measure distance or movement, especially during the day.
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