Following Android, Apple Uses Fingerprints on the Screen

 The news that the iPhone 14 will lose position seems to be true. Apple will implement a fingerprint sensor on the screen like the one on Android today.
Updaya is known from a patent filed by Apple on July 27th. They patented Touch ID and Face ID on the touch screen which will be the new biometric authentication option on the iPhone.

Not only Touch ID and Face ID, the front camera will also be embedded in the touch screen. Although this technology will be developed specifically for its future product line.

Apple has not confirmed that this new patent will be presented on the iPhone 14. In the submitted document it is explained that the current iPhone design has a picture sensor on the side of the screen and not part of it.

"Typically, the imaging sensor is placed under a protective cover, next to the display screen. Therefore, conventional electronic devices that combine a display screen and an imaging sensor typically require a large area protective cover that extends beyond the display stack to provide space to accommodate the imaging sensor," he explained. Apple.

"This conventional construction inadvertently increases the apparent size of the bezel area that limits the display, while also inadvertently increasing the size and number of electronic device casings."

Patent ID touch on screen Patent ID touch on screen Photo: Apple

The main focus of this patent is to embed a picture sensor on the screen to read fingerprints that is Touch ID on the touch screen!

"To simplify functionality, many schemes follow a structure in which the device performs a cross-screen image scan to capture one or more fingerprint images of the user touching a specific location (imaging region)."

Apple added that a similar approach could be done for other forms of biometric identification, including Face ID. This opens up the possibility of Mac devices being given this feature in the future.

And that’s in line with a recent Bloomberg report that says Face ID will be available on Macs in the next few years.

While the on -screen front camera is likely still part of the long -term plan. Apple is currently trying to find a way out how the quality of the camera still gives good shots even when the screen is blocked.
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