10 Recommended Video Editing Applications on Android Phones

 In addition to using video editing software available on the laptop. You can also use video editing applications that are easily done on Android. It's easy, just by downloading the application for free on the Play Store.

This video editing application on Android makes it easier for you to combine, cut or add sound effects in videos that you take directly from your cellphone.

Compiled by us, here are some lightweight Android video editing applications:

1. FilmoraGo

Android video editing application for Instagram or other social media that you can try, one of which is FilmoraGo. Video editor application on Android that is loved by many users and is easy to use.

FilmoraGo has several features such as cutting videos, adding themes, music to combining selected videos. You can also add transitions, slow motion, text with a video ratio of 1:1 to 16:9.

After editing, the video will immediately be uploaded to any social media or you can save it in the gallery. In addition to the free features, if you have extra money, you can also buy it so that the video editing features are more sophisticated.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Not only for iOS devices, you can now use Adobe Premiere Clip on Android. This lightweight Android video editing application adapts to the processing capabilities of mobile phones.

You can drag and drop video clips and arrange them in the order you want. In addition, you can also cut the duration, adjust the lighting to transitions and add effects.

Amazingly, the video edits that you have done on Android can be sent to the more sophisticated desktop version of the Adobe Premiere application. Interested in trying?

3. VideoShow

VideoShow is one of the Android video editing applications that you can try. You can easily get this application for free on Android which is available on the Play Store for free.

Beautify videos by adding effects, text, music to dubbing your voice directly. The video that you edit will still be of good quality with an unlimited duration. In this application you can also directly compress the video size.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a video editing application that is arguably full-featured and easy to use. The app has more than 30 different effects and transition effects and can add multiple videos together.

If you are confused or this is the first time operating this application, don't worry. Because PowerDirector has video tutorials for all its features, you know.

5. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the video editing apps on Android for YouTube or Instagram. Its advanced features make it easy for you to import files from different media. In addition you can also easily cut, give effects to add text in the video.

6. VivaVideo

So one that is often used by Android users. VivaVideo has hundreds of filter effects to clips. You can also cut videos and arrange them into a unified whole. Not to forget there is a slow motion effect that makes your video look more professional.

7. Movie Maker Filmmaker

Learning to vlog? You don't need to use a laptop to edit videos that have been made. Enough with an Android smartphone, you can smoothly edit videos. This application can process recordings from your cellphone with the best quality.

Not only cutting videos, you can also add music and apply filter effects that make your videos more interesting.

8. Inshot

The Inshot application is somewhat different from other video editing applications such as the VivaVideo application, VideoShow or VideoPad, the Inshot application cannot combine several videos or photos.

This video editing application on Android focuses more on video editing in terms of adding songs, themes, blurring the background to adding text. If you want to use this application, just download it on the Play Store.

9. Quik

The Quik app can make it easy for you to trim videos, add effects, text and sync everything quickly with the addition of music. You can save the edited video with a size of 1080p or 720. You can also directly upload videos to social media. Free and easy to use.

10. Magisto

For those of you who are amateurs in terms of video editing. You can try a video editing application called Magisto. You can use this application on Android or iOS. Magisto has the advantage of assembling photos or videos that can later be combined into a film plot.

Magisto can be an option for video editing applications on Android without a watermark if you subscribe.

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