5 Netizens' Wild Talks About Jeff Bezos

 Jeff Bezos' life seems to have grown accustomed to wild accusations and speculation. Understandably, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origins is very very famous and rich. He is the richest man in the world. So no wonder, many are obsessed with his life.

But unfortunately, the taller the tree, the stronger the wind that blows. Bezos is often gossiped and talked about in almost all aspects of his life. We summarized some of these in between.

1. Jeff Bezos is called not human

Jeff Bezos is not human. He is an alien or part of the human reptile (lizard people). Reptile humans are believed to be aliens who lived on Earth and then mingled with humans through DNA manipulation and also interbreeding. The reptile-man conspiracy boomed in 2008.

Why is Bezos believed to be a reptile man? First, there is a video clip that shows the skin on the neck area is not the same as humans. Second, he loves outer space -- because basically reptile humans come from the world beyond Earth.

2. Want to live forever

Jeff Bezos is reportedly investing up to millions of dollars in a startup called Altos Labs to prolong life, even eternal life. From there, many netizens also commented. Even his rival, Elon Musk, the SpaceX boss, satirized him on Twitter.

3. Humans are stingy

Bezos' net worth is $203.8 billion. But Bezos is considered less charitable. No matter how many numbers Bezos donated, it seems that netizens will never feel enough.

4. Rocket-shaped penis

Bezos's dream of being able to fly into space is colored by the ridiculousness of netizens discussing the shape of the rocket that delivered him and three others through the sub-orbital. He said, Bezos rocket shaped like a penis, aka a man's penis.

5. Jeff Bezos cheated on her

Rumors of Jeff Bezos cheating existed before he and his ex-wife MacKenzie were hammered in court. He reportedly dated news presenter Lauren Sanchez for a long time until he finally publicly dated.

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