How to Find the Nearest Mosque with Google Maps, Really Easy


We can use the map feature offered by Google, to find any nearby location. One example in this discussion is how to find the nearest mosque with Google Maps.

As a Muslim, praying is an obligation. It's just that, when the time has come and is on the way, sometimes it is difficult to find the nearest mosque or prayer room.

However, advances in the digital world have made this easier. You can use Google Maps, to find the nearest mosque from your location.

Here are super duper easy steps, which you can follow, based on our experience using Google Maps:

Open the Google Maps application on your cellphone.

Type 'mosque' in the search field that says 'Search Here'.

Then, just press enter or click the search logo on the phone keyboard.

Then the maps will display a red pin, which shows the closest mosques.

You can click on each pin to see in more detail the name of the mosque, complete address, distance, how much time it took, rating and photos.

You can also directly click the 'View List' button at the bottom right, if you want to see all searches for the nearest mosque.

After selecting the place of worship, select 'Directions'.

You will be shown by information, how long the trip is, whether it requires a vehicle or can be by foot.

The final step, click 'Start' to get started.

Pretty easy isn't it? You just need to follow the path shown by Google. You can also choose an alternative road, if the intended path displays a red color.

That indicates the heavy traffic in the area. To make things easier, users can use other routes, by using Google Maps.

No need to worry, because when you change your route, this online map application from Google will automatically follow the direction you choose. Even so, stick to the main goal that has been determined

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