This is a list of Huawei phones on the market that can get Harmony OS


Harmony OS has been officially introduced since last June, many Huawei mobile (HP) users are wondering if their devices can taste the operating system? Well, here is the answer to what devices get the Harmony OS update.

His party has brought Harmony OS to the country through its newest device, the MatePad 11. This moment is used as a check of how the public responds to the operating system made by Huawei.

From here we continue slowly and gradually to devices already on the market.

Huawei targets that in the next six months Huawei's new phones will be able to taste the Harmony OS.

"At the end of this year or early next year, users will be able to enjoy Harmony OS on smartphones," said Steven.


Unfortunately, old-school Huawei users have to bite their fingers. Because their phones most likely won't get Harmony OS.

 Huawei is currently playing at the premium. It is confirmed that the Mate 40 Pro and P40 series phones will move to Harmony OS.

If the old Huawei cellphone) needs to be seen how long it takes in the context of the release time. Huawei will analyze how many users of these old phones.

Regarding the availability of popular applications such as Netflix in the App Gallery, Steven did not deny that his customers were often asked about it. They admit that they are still trying to increase the collection of popular applications on their platform.

Huawei continues to strive globally. This is a global effort by Huawei to bring a wider selection of apps from top apps around the world to be available in the App Gallery

To note, Huawei App Gallery is currently the third largest application in the global market. As of Q2 2021, App Gallery has 550 million monthly active users, 141,000 applications integrated with HMS, and 4.5 million registered developers.

This is a list of Huawei phones on the market that can get Harmony OS This is a list of Huawei phones on the market that can get Harmony OS Reviewed by thecekodok on 3:22:00 PM Rating: 5
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