10 Most Useless Websites on the Internet

 There are lots of websites on the internet, with various purposes for making them. Well apparently there are many internet sites that don't seem to have much use, just to waste time in a very simple way. Here are 10 of them that we have compiled from various sources:

1. Cat-bounce

On this website, there are only a lot of cats that seem to jump around. Press the upper right corner, then there will also be cat rain. Maybe suitable for adorable cat lovers.

Cat-bounce. Photo: cat-bounce

2. Iamawesome

Are you cool? If you want to confirm, visit this website where it immediately says its true or you are cool.

3. Find the invisible cow

Find the invisible cow asks viewers to find the cow with voice guidance. Move the cursor to find it and if successful, the level will go up and there are other animals to find.

4. Rainymood

There is only the sound of rain on this website when the play button is pressed. Maybe it is useful, which is suitable for those who want to relax while imagining that there is heavy rain falling.

5. Heeeeeeeey

If you want words of encouragement like shouting, visit this website. He said he could switch between Heeyy to Hooo. Yes just like that.

6. Omfg dogs

Like dogs? Open this website, which if you press the play button, you will see lots of dogs running around in very striking colors. Yes, just like that.

7. Falling guy

Want to exercise your fingers with your mouse or hands? Just access this Falling Guy website. The resistance of the hand to move the character as low or as high as possible will be measured. What are you trying to do?

Website is useless. Photo: Internet

8. What's my Starbucks name

Of course you and your friends know your name. But do you know your name when you order coffee at Starbucks? Turns out it could be different here. Can't believe it? Just try this rather pushy website.

9. Pixels Fighting

Pixels Fighting presents two colors in the form of pixels fighting each other for whatever purpose. I don't think I need to visit this website unless it's gabut.

10. Po-ta-to

As the name suggests Po-ta-to, there's really only a photo of a split potato in this photo and it can't be helped. Maybe the author believed this photo of potatoes to be artistic.

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