Got a Nintendo Switch OLED? The Screen Protector Don't Open!

 Nintendo has one caveat for Switch OLED users, which is never to try to remove the protective plastic film from the screen.

One of the differences between the OLED Switch and the previous Switch is that the screen is now made of glass instead of plastic. However, the user (supposedly) cannot touch this glass layer directly.

The reason is that Nintendo has installed a special protective layer on the OLED screen, namely an 'anti-scattering adhesive film' layer, whose function is to prevent the glass layer on the screen from breaking into small pieces, and of course to protect the screen from scratches.

This problem certainly did not exist on the previous generation Switch, because the screen was made of plastic.

This layer is said to be difficult to see by the user. But Nintendo explicitly forbids users to remove it, which they wrote in the console's manual.

Take it easy, according to Nintendo, even though there is this layer, users can still install another screen protector on it. Nintendo even sells a screen protector for the Switch OLED for USD 20 (including the carrying case and screen protector for the previous generation Switch).

The plastic screen protector used in the Switch OLED is nothing new. Samsung also uses this kind of coating in the Galaxy Fold series, which although looks like an ordinary protector but has a very important function. They have also equipped the Galaxy S series with this kind of protector since 2019.

This Nintendo Switch OLED only went on sale last October 8, and although it has a slightly different appearance than its predecessor, there are actually almost no changes in terms of specifications.

The maximum resolution remains 1080p in dock mode, while the OLED screen resolution remains 720p.

In addition to the new screen, the new Switch has a new kickstand that looks more sturdy, 64GB of internal storage (up from 32GB), a new dock with an ethernet port, and better audio quality.

There are two color variants for the Switch OLED, namely black and white, and it only goes on sale on October 8 for USD 350.

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