Netflix Explains How To Be A Successful Streaming Company

 The streaming service industry is currently rampant. This industry is clearly interesting to build in because the market competition is still minimal. We can see that there are many choices of streaming services that provide various series and movie content, one of which is Netflix.

Netflix's success comes not only from the quality of the films and series they produce, but also from optimizing their website infrastructure, such as delivering robust content using a CDN.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a technology that is able to ensure that your static content (such as images, CSS, JavaScript, videos, etc.) can be accessed faster, by channeling it from the location closest to visitors, thereby increasing server response times. Content Delivery Networks are especially useful for websites that are large, and have a lot of content, such as Netflix.

The CDN at the Netflix company is known internally as the Open Connect system. This means that the infrastructure that handles things like billing, customer support, the application frontend, and the algorithms that recommend display options are all ported and under the company's direct control.

Netflix's Open Connect CDN also allows all of its content to be enjoyed smoothly, such as TV shows, movies, documentaries, and so on. This can not be separated from the CDN storage itself which reaches up to 280 terabytes in the system.

Netflix's Open Connect CDN is a small data center operated directly by the company that makes it less expensive to host it, with smoother content serving.

For investors or entrepreneurs who are engaged in film streaming services, they can certainly follow this method. As can be seen, CDNs have played a key role in Netflix's success.

Huawei Cloud builds a Content Delivery Network service that can help your streaming service business display all well-optimized content, so that end users or customers can easily load service content.

With Huawei Cloud Content Delivery Network, the acceleration of your website will be faster, as well as being able to provide national acceleration services for static content available in pre-defined domain names. In addition, the configuration is also fast, secure acceleration, HTTPS configuration and referrer URL validation has high security, and flexible cache configuration

Huawei Cloud CDN can also accelerate on-demand media services such as e-learning, video sharing, TV programming, and music applications.

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