5 Popular Types of Instagram Reels Content

 Reels is now one of the features of choice for Instagram users to create content. Five months after being on the market, Instagram found five types of Reels content that are popular in the country.

It is currently one of the most active Reels content-creating countries in the world, and one of the fastest growing Reels countries in Southeast Asia.

And the amount of time spent on the Reels tab contributes significantly to the proportion of time spent on Instagram in general. So in short this user loves Reels.

Two out of five popular content are not from big names. This finding means there are plenty of opportunities for new creators to find success with Reels.

So far, the five most popular types of Reels content are comedy, love and family, fashion, eye meditation, and prayer and hope.

The popularity of comedy content on Reels also encourages the birth of new comedians who successfully take advantage of this feature.

In addition to content types, Instagram also revealed a list of popular hashtags on Reels, namely #tampildireels, #ootd, #kpop, #makeuptutorial, #katakatabijak, and others.

Although its popularity continues to grow in various countries, for now Reels will still be part of the Instagram application and will not be a separate application. According to him, this is actually Instagram's advantage over competitors.

So far there are no plans to go there. If we look at it, we continue to develop in terms of applications and in fact that is one of the advantages of Instagram as well where there are various features that can reach various audiences for various needs of creators.

So, of course, Reels is not actually a complement, but because the goals from the audience side are different, it will actually provide more options for content creators, depending on their needs and the audience they want to reach.

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