7 Short Video Content Ideas for Beginner Creators That Can Make Trending


The existence of a short video platform apparently opens up opportunities for many people to become content creators of short videos. However, making videos trending is not easy.

But don't worry, the 7 ideas provided by SnackVideo below can help you, especially beginners, to create unique short videos so that they can be trending.

1. Unique Facts That Are Rarely Known

Have you ever thought, how there are humans who are left-handed? Or maybe, why is mozzarella cheese made from buffalo milk, not cow's milk?

We often have strange and quirky questions, and this is your chance to answer those questions with your short video content. In addition to being informative, content like this can also be entertaining because it provides something that the audience would never have thought of before.

2. Horror Content

There are two things that really sell in the entertainment world, the first is drama and the second is horror. Selling drama on short video platforms is common, but what about horror?

This is your chance. There's not a lot of horror creator content on short video platforms, and you can fill that void.

Creating horror content is not that difficult. You just need to do a little research, take appropriate pictures, and tell the chronology. Remember, don't forget to look for the right image because visuals for horror content are crucial.

3. Unique Things Related to Animals

You may often see animal content, whether it's cats, dogs, or other pets, on various short video platforms. However, most of the content is just the cute behavior of these animals.

Well, you can give another touch to the animal content. For example, you can create content about unique foods for your pets. Or, you can train your pet to do certain tricks and make it content.

4. Life Hacks

Tutorial content is one of the most popular on short video platforms. Lots of content on how to edit photos, cook, clean vehicles, or whatever.

Well, what you can do is to elevate the content and make it more unique. In other words, make life hacks. For example, making cutlery out of paper, or deodorizing shoes with a tea bag.

One of the content creators of life hacks in the world of photography that you can use is Nasionpatriotik. The life hacks content is unique, but packaged in a simple way. Maybe, that's the reason why Nationalpatriotik has almost 1 million followers!

5. Celebrity Fan Accounts

Who is your idol celebrity? Well, you can idolize anyone, but the most important thing for you is of course being able to see your idol celebrity become more successful and famous.

Well, you can make that happen and support your idol by creating a fan account on SnackVideo. Investigate, celebrity fan accounts can also be a way to gain a lot of interaction!

The main reason, of course, is that many people share the same desire as you, which is to see their idols succeed. Through fan accounts, many people can express support for idol celebrities, and that's where the interaction will come from.

6. Mini Drama

Indeed, there has been a lot of drama content circulating on various platforms. However, if you're good at storytelling, why not make a mini drama? For example, a sketch with a duration of one to two minutes?

Mini drama has good prospects, you know. Apart from the fact that not many have produced it, mini dramas have high potential considering that most video content lovers prefer content with a short duration.

7. Parody

The main purpose of people surfing on social media is to find entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, one of the main sources of laughter is parody content.

You can create parody content if you want to get interaction easily.

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